Toasted Pumpkin Spice Candle

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Scent notes:
Pumpkin ◆ Cinnamon ◆ Nutmeg ◆ Clove ◆ Buttercream

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Whether you’re a fan of fall scents or a diehard pumpkin spice connoisseur, this candle is for you.
A hearty and true pumpkin smell blends with just the right amount of spice for that warm and cozy autumn feel.





3 reviews for Toasted Pumpkin Spice Candle

  1. Holden Kausler (verified owner)

    Smells great and burns like a dream. It’s officially fall 😎

  2. Damien Falter (verified owner)

    Very fragrant, even when not lit! Huge fan, really helps bring in that fall atmosphere into the home

  3. Cody F. (verified owner)

    Purchased back in the fall, and I have to say, this is one of the best pumpkin spice candles I’ve ever had (and I’ve purchased quite a few, LOL). The pumpkin spice scent is spot-on, and while it doesn’t completely overpower a room, it burns just enough to keep the room smelling like a freshly-baked pumpkin pie. Perfect for the fall and early winter, or I suppose whenever you’re craving the scent of a spiced pumpkin pie.

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